A Hike

Soothing Aromatic Vegetation
Bringing a calm to the mind.
Wrapped in Nature’s embrace,
Of worry and doubt I find none
Along this trek I feel no incline
As deep breaths summon fresh air to taste.
Cresting the trail
To find a lake dammed
This irrigation though false still a beautiful sight.
I descend back into the chaparral
Ready to rejoin the world of men
Knowing everything will be alright.

Through the Tunnel

Worry rotates at the center of the mind
Accumulating particles of doubt with gravity's pull
Fed by fear slowly consuming its binary neighbor
Collapsing under dense pressure into a singularity
Event horizon formed as all lights go out
Beyond the point of no return time cease to make sense
Future extends seemingly out of reach
While past assails with unforgiving weight
Compressed and stretched further than comprehension's limits
Embrace the drift and surrender to the flow
At the end a single point of light
Where one is all and all is one
On the otherside decompression begins
Bursting forth expanding into the unknown
Infinite and Reborn
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Wookie Growl

Is this what it's like
to meet someone half way?
To feel the want
To call them home 
Is this what it's like 
to finally hate the game?
To give all you've got
To end the joke
Is this what it's like
to tell yourself I will not play?

Can a dumb rhyme 
Can words in frame 
ask "did I cause you pain"? 
Can we forget
that I'm a Fry level idiot?
Misunderstood insecurities 
creating turbulent seas
Proclaimed feelings behind a facade


Trapped in a glass case of emotion
Thoughts refracting and reflecting
Like light through this crystal lens
Split into the spectrum
And rain like razor blades on reason

Count the dots as quick as you can
Those line will soon be broken
Remember the patterns
To progress between the cycles
Then shatter the prism of then mind
Photo by Dobromir Hristov on Pexels.com

This poem is meant to describe how it feels for me to process my thoughts. Line one is my favorite line for the movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy and depicts how my thoughts become trapped by what I obsess over. The rest of the stanza alludes to how my thoughts break apart until they are so small it feels like I cant focus. The following four lines indicate how I pull my thoughts together. For example when trying to focus outside of my obsession I need to think swiftly and assemble as much as I can before my mind drifts. It’s a pattern of picking up where I left off until the task is completed. The final line is meant to allude to not only how my thought are easily separated, but how my mind can feel like a prison I created for my self.


Chaos and Order
Complementary forces
Opposite yet equal
Recognize themselves
Within each other
Like mirrored images
Of universal energies
Their circling nature
A dynamic dance 
In eternal harmony

Ode to Eyes and Fire

Windows to the soul
Easily hold captive
Visions of first sight
Yet when opened wide
A light does shine
On that which hides
Beneath the facade

Those of  remarkable blue
Shield a shivering heart 
Do meet
Those stained burning red
showcasing a self-imprisoned mind
only to skip a beat

Cryptic views tease the eye
Like a furnace bellow
Drives passionate embers to survive
And reignite flames of happy yellow

Perched on high in plain sight
One tiny spark illuminates the night
This beacon of hope becomes a message heard
Guiding this ship safe to shore