Wookie Growl

Is this what it's like
to meet someone half way?
To feel the want
To call them home 
Is this what it's like 
to finally hate the game?
To give all you've got
To end the joke
Is this what it's like
to tell yourself I will not play?

Can a dumb rhyme 
Can words in frame 
ask "did I cause you pain"? 
Can we forget
that I'm a Fry level idiot?
Misunderstood insecurities 
creating turbulent seas
Proclaimed feelings behind a facade

13 thoughts on “Wookie Growl

      1. Yes… it was written from that perspective. I understood that. But I was always the one on the other end of the compromise. I was the one who didn’t know how and who hid their emotions behind a mask. It made it very difficult and I heard the Wookie Growl many times, from both of us for different reasons. I just read your poem and I saw it from my perspective although it was written from yours/his.

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      2. It could be either depending on how you read it and your mindset at the time of reading. On one hand it sounds like someone giving in and not wanting to avoid compromise anymore. On the other hand it sounds like someone who has compromised to the point of near exhaustion with someone who refuses to. That’s part of the beauty of this particular piece. It’s vague enough that the reader’s perspective is matched, but specific enough that you know exactly what it’s really about.

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      3. You’re welcome. I showed it to him. He said it spoke to him as well. For the exact opposite reason it originally spoke to me. Then I asked him to read it again but change perspective to me and he was blown away. So I’d say it’s a clear success!

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